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YETI Tumblers

Water is almost three-fourths of the human body and enough liquid is needed to ensure optimum function of the organ systems. Fluids entering the body must undergone sanitation and must be stored in clean containers. YETI Tumblers by TrekTumblers not only provide clean beverages but also offers a variety of container with specific features which are truly worth the investment. First stop is the YETI 12 Oz Colster that is luminous in color not only for aesthetic purposes but also to guarantee clean and safe drinking. Moreover, it has a Load-and-Lock Gasket that seals the drink and avoid seepages. A double-wall vacuum is designed for insulation. It also holds standard bottles and cans and prevents condensing constituting to its No Sweat design. Finally, it is powder-coated with gloss coat to protect from color-fading and scratches. The YETI Colster costs $28.99. Next is the YETI 10 Oz Lowball Rambler. Like the YETI Colster, the Lowball Rambler is made up of the double-wall vacuum to ensure that the drink is at the right temperature. Moreover, it is also tinted in bright and shiny colors which may depend on the personality and liking of the owner. It also has Gloss Coat to fight against color-fading and grazes. Finally, for coffee-lovers it provides a coffee cup on the go. The YETI Lowball Rambler costs $ 25.99. Finally is the YETI 20 Oz Rambler Tumbler. This product by TrekTumblers is robust due to its stainless steel body. Like the YETI Colster and YETI Lowball Rambler, it has double-wall vacuum design and the colors and designs are baked straight onto the cup to prevent failing and scrapes. YETI Rambler Tumbler costs $ 35.99. TrekTumblers also offers Accessories for the YETI 20 Oz Rambler Tumbler such as Straw Lid with built in stopper. Liquid-storing has never been this enticing! Only with YETI Tumblers by TrekTumblers.


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