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TREK 12 oz Stemless Wine Stainless Steel Cups

Trek Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumblers are a growing trend and for good reason. Wine is better outdoors. So whether you're on the river or sitting around a bonfire, or at the pool, it's nice to bring your glass of wine with you, but skip the glass. The TREK stemless wine tumbler is built to be a little more hardcore. This double wall, vacuum sealed, insulated wine tumbler changes the way you drink outdoors. Now you can indulge without worrying about cracked or broken glass. Trek's durable, insulated stainless steel wine tumbler can be placed atop what ever nature has given you as a table top or wherever an impromptu outdoor happy hour strikes. Like the rest of TREK's Rambler line, this wine tumbler is over-engineered to hold up to what ever tough terrain is your cup of tea, or glass of wine. Its 18/8 thick-gauge stainless steel resists dents and dings and the no sweat design keeps wine safe from warm hands. Now enjoying your favorite type of wine in the wild is both relaxing and hardcore.

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