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We can print your Company Logos!

by Hannah Hogan September 27, 2016

Trying to find a good way to market your company but want something different? Well, here at TrekTumblers we can print your company logo right onto the cup! You can choose from these types of tumblers:

RTIC 20 oz and RTIC 30 oz Tumblers

YETI 30 oz Ramblers

ORCA 27 oz Chasers

You can also select between two options. The first is that you can print your logo on a plain Stainless Steel Tumbler and we then powder coat the design with a Gloss Coat to make sure it won't scratch. The other option is choosing from one of our many colored Tumblers and we then print the design directly onto it. Each design is printed as a Customized Digital Print, not a vinyl sticker, so your company logo will never fade or tear unless you stick it in the dishwasher or use a Brillo pad sponge while cleaning it.

We can't wait to help you promote your company, and because the company logos will be a Digital Print we can also use multiple colors unlike most competitors, so your logo looks just the way you want it. So what are you waiting for come email us at info@trektumblers.com or call us at (407)261-8700.
Hannah Hogan
Hannah Hogan


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