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RTIC Tumbler Splash Proof Lid 10 OZ.

by Miranda Kay January 16, 2017

If you're an RTIC tumbler collector and someone who loves to take your RTIC travel tumbler with you wherever you go; then most probably having an extra lid is something that you have taken into consideration. Why not? You spend your time and money on your perfect travel tumbler to fit your busy lifestyle, and then the lid breaks or leaks everywhere and you have to buy a new one? Nope, you can keep that tumbler and simply buy this superior lid from TrekTumblers.

Made specifically for RTIC tumblers, it fits perfectly though it can also be used on major stainless steel drink tumbler brand on the market. These 10 oz RTIC Splash Proof Lids are spill proof and can be used on all your favorite 10 oz tumblers thanks to its precision design. It boasts with BPA free, high-density plastic, a spill proof locking air tight seal and an easy drink spout. Cool eh? For sure, you’ will never again have to suffer from accidents in the care or spills on your desk.

Buy now at TrekTumblers to get the most versatile, durable and precision cut lid for your favorite tumbler. Available in various colors. $2.99.
Miranda Kay
Miranda Kay


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