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RTIC Tumbler 10 OZ & 20 OZ Lid

by Miranda Kay January 25, 2017

The name says it all: This RTIC Tumbler 10oz & 20oz is a spill and splash-proof lid for your RTIC 10 oz and 20 oz tumbler.

The quality of the plastic itself is awesome. It is made of premium materials without any impurities and swirl marks inside of it. Its slider is capable of blocking the hole to prevent spilling. There is 100% resistance to hold it in place. If you tilt the lid forward and back at about a 30-degree angle, it will snap and won't go back and forth because it fits perfectly.

It's a good replacement lid that fits RTIC and yeti 10 oz / 20 oz tumbler/rambler. Perfect for rough riding in the boat, off raiding in your truck, ATV or in the field. $1.99.
Miranda Kay
Miranda Kay


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