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ORCA Chasers Available for Purchase!

by Hannah Hogan September 13, 2016

Its that time in the week where we give updates on all the things happening over at TrekTumblers. This week we are happy to announce that we are starting to sell the ORCA 27 oz Chasers in select solid colors. ORCA uses a micro-plated steel and double wall vacuum sealed body to ensure that your drink stays cold and protected all day long. ORCA also is the only Tumbler maker to create a Tumbler that holds 27 oz, giving you almost the same amount of drink without the bulkiness of the 30 oz Tumbler design.

Here at TrekTumblers we care about your product lasting as long as possible so each ORCA 27 oz Chaser is powder coated with the color you selected and then powder coated again with a Gloss Coat to make sure the color never scratches or fades unless you stick it in the Dishwasher. We are super excited to be able to sell these ORCA 27 oz Chasers so please go and take a look and see if we have one you like.

Hannah Hogan
Hannah Hogan


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