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ORCA Chaser Cups Quick Review

by Miranda Kay November 21, 2016


Normal cups just won’t cut it. Honestly, that's the truth and we’ll prove it to you in this ORCA Chaser Cup quick review.

How many instances have you had cold ice in your cup and had it melt faster than you expected it to? There are actually two problems that come about when this happens.

Firstly, you will have a watered-down drink that does not taste good anymore. Second, your drink is leaning more towards being warm, which does not make it any more appealing.

If you have thought of purchasing the expensive tumblers or cups, may we humbly ask that you check this out first? You may change your mind and save yourself a couple of dollars in the process.

A Closer Look at ORCA Chaser Cup

Whether you need a cup of coffee or cold drinks, you’ll find exactly what you need in the ORCA Chaser Cup. This can keep your hot drinks hot and can keep your cold drinks cold.

Straight out of the box, what you will get is a cup that’s ready to go. Inside of the box, the cup itself that is wrapped in a plastic bag. It has a wraparound label with the logo on one side and care instructions, along with the service and support information on the other side.

How It Works

As we mentioned earlier, these cups aren’t just to keep your drinks cold. These cups are also meant to keep your drinks hot. With a dual insulated stainless steel container, you’ll find that contents stay as you want them to, without making the exterior too cold or too hot to handle.

What you will find with this design, is a cup that goes above and beyond what you will normally find in a usual cup pulled from your cupboard. The inside has a copper-clad, vacuum formed chamber and it comes with team color lids that will allow you to see when it's time for a refill.

Cold Retention

As with other Orca products, with these ORCA Chaser Cups, you’ll get much longer cold retention times as opposed to regular cups and tumblers Imagine if you could pour a cold soda, and come back to it two days later and find that it was still cold? Do you think it's possible?

Based on users' experience, this cup has cold retention time of up to 60 hours. Users have reported that they can enjoy their drink cold for nearly two and a half days. Cool eh?

ORCA Chaser Cup Quality & Colors

These ORCA Chaser Cups come in various colors to suit your lifestyle and needs. It is a mid-size cup at 27 ounces, making it the perfect coffee mug to take with you to your office or to the great outdoors. Its tough and rugged design ensures that it can withstand the elements and environments that you will subject them to.


This is the most important part that many of you may have been waiting for. Just how much do these cups cost?

Well, if you pick it up at our site, the 27-ounce drinkware will cost you around $25 as opposed to our competitors who price their tumblers at three times higher! Remember when we said that we just may be able to save you some money if you read this quick review? We think we just may have accomplished that.

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Miranda Kay
Miranda Kay


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