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Orca 27 oz Chaser Tumbler Neon Green

by Miranda Kay December 06, 2016

The Orca 27 oz Chaser Tumbler Neon Green is great and keeps the coffee very hot. And since it's a high-quality tumbler, you won't get to experience spillages or leakages. Buy the best Orca Chaser Tumblers online at best prices at TrekTumblers at lower prices and a vast number of designs.

What I like most about this tumbler is its design. It's painted to perfection that won't peel off and fade. You'll also like the fact that it's easy to clean and it will not alter the taste of your favorite drink or beverage. 

The Orca 27 oz Chaser Tumbler Neon Green is great, and yes it is double insulated. Its lid is engineered to perfection to ensure tightness and zero spillage. The tumbler itself won't get pretty hot to the touch, unlike most tumblers. It can keep the temperature hot or cold that's better than regular tumblers but without being toxic. It's also lighter than them and very resistant.

Working class and young professionals love to using these travel mugs where ever they go to enjoy their coffee or beer. Other salient features include a non-slip design, natural non-stick surface, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean even without the use of detergent. Believe the hype and buy yours today!

Miranda Kay
Miranda Kay


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