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Customizing Just Got Better

by Hannah Hogan October 07, 2016

Here at TrekTumblers we are all about giving the customer what they want, and now we finally can with our new Create Your Own section! Available for select colors in the RTIC 20 oz and 30 oz Tumblers as well as a few colors for the YETI 30 oz Rambler.

The "Create Your Own" option gives you all the power with very little hassle. Simply click on the correct size,style, and color you want and you will be brought to a page similar to this blog's picture. On this page, you can then add images and even personalized lettering. You can also change the color, size and font style of the writing. Both the image and the text you create are Customized Digital Designs that won't scratch or tear unless it is put through a dishwasher, or a Brillo pad is used on it.

We also give you the option to download your creation so you have something to reference while you're waiting for your order and something to compare it too. Our printing team TrekTumblers will do they're very best to make the design exactly like the image, however, it may not be identical so please keep that in mind as we are human and the hand can sometimes make errors. We do care about your happiness though so if your customization is off, the wrong color, or completely inaccurate all you do is send it back with the Order ID and the reason why and we will gladly exchange it for you within 30-days of ordering.

If you ever have any questions while making the Tumbler our email and number are located at the bottom of the screen.
Hannah Hogan
Hannah Hogan


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