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      If you have any questions please contact us at
      Please note that we will get the design as close to your creation as possible, however, in person the design may appear different.

      PLEASE NOTE: TrekTumblers will not take responsibility for an image that appears pixelated or shows low resolution due to the image provided being of low quality. You cannot upload logo’s, characters or any other artwork that does not belong to you without permission. As we cannot check and verify every image that is uploaded for us to print out, TrekTumblers assumes No Responsibility for the content or image uploaded. By purchasing and uploading an image you assume all risks, copyrights, and responsibilities of making this purchase. We hold all records for every transaction, in case a problem might arise. The final product may look a little different from this picture. Please allow between two and five working day, before custom orders are shipped out. Visit our FAQ page to read any additional info before making a purchase.

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